About Us

Kokomo's Restaurant and Beach Bar

In winter of 2018, Kokomo’s owners, Rob and Brian, were at a local bar trying to escape the New England winter weather outside. The friends were always fans of the 80’s movie, Cocktail, that featured the famous Beach Boys song “Kokomo.” With the weather taking a turn for the worse outside, they wondered why they couldn’t create their own fictitious paradise similar to Kokomo. With this thought in mind, they opened Kokomo’s restaurant and bar in May of 2019 right on the beach in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Despite the cold winter months, Kokomo’s owners were determined to create a space that makes you feel like you are on a beach vacation whether it is summer or winter. The Kokomo’s team has given it the tag line, “The Place to Beach” because there is always fresh seafood, great tunes, and signature cocktails (and the occasional Kokomo singalong) at this beachfront restaurant.